Call Center Outsourcing

Call Center Outsourcing by CallService will complete the tasks of conducting phone surveys or offering services to your clients. Using this service you can significantly save on time and money when solving unusual for your business problems.


Using Call Center Outsourcing by CallService will give you the following benefits:

  • overall company’s cost reduction due to: saving on salaries and office space rent, as well as absence of expenses for purchasing equipment for the workplaces of call center operators;
  • ability to perform more work in a timely manner and at minimal cost (conducting phone surveys and updating customers, collecting and processing statistical data);
  • saving your and your employees’ time otherwise spent for screening irrelevant calls;
  • competent and responsible operators of our Call-center will enhance your clients’ satisfaction level;
  • detailed statistical report on the dynamics of incoming calls and information about each call;
  • total control over the operators’ work with access to the records of phone conversations with customers;
  • ability to communicate with clients in Ukrainian, Russian, English and German.
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