The history of AXTEL started in 2004. The brand’s appearance was a response to a high market demand for professional Call Center headsets. AXTEL headsets were created with users in mind, and for users. Taking into account market expectations, AXTEL focuses on key parameters, which lead the company to becoming an industry leader:

  • noise cancelling;
  • acoustics and audibility;
  • ergonomy and wearing comfort;
  • robust, solid and aesthetic design;
  • overall compatibility (deskphones / PCs).

Continuously fulfilling customers’ expectations, AXTEL has become a known brand in the market, being associated with ‘Premium class’ products at affordable prices. This great success of AXTEL is, with no doubt, a merit of work of the best engineers performing R&D works that seek to improve the products, as well as continuous monitoring of the market and its expectations towards the product. We are in constant contact with our research center. Every headset is thoroughly tested, so that the end customer receives a product of the highest quality. In 8 years the brand has introduced 5 models of professional headsets and a line of accessories. The newest generation of AXTEL headsets — the PRO series — has already won the trust and recognition of the very demanding Call/Contact Center market throughout the world.

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Cisco IP Phone 7940

Cisco 7940 IP phone is a multifunctional second-generation phone for organizations with traffic of low and medium intensity, processing of which does not require a large number of phone numbers.

Cisco IP Phone 7940G is a business class phone equipped with an LCD graphic display and a built-in Ethernet network switch. The display shows date and time, ID information, number of the caller and the digits being dialed. Cisco IP Phone 7940G has a built-in support of XML and network applications. IP-telephony device of Cisco 7940 series contains two reprogrammable buttons function/line, that allow you to make up to four simultaneous calls, as well as four interactive reprogrammable buttons to help a client with the call functions. Audio system control allows you to regulate volume level and to choose between the handset, headset or a two-way high-quality speakerphone. Also, access to the corporate directory is possible with the help of LDAP v.3. protocol.

In addition, it is worth noting that the phone’s features are being developed together with the development of new technologies by means of reprogramming the phone’s flash memory.


Cisco SPA504G IP-phone

The given model of an IP-phone, Cisco SPA504G, is an upgraded model that supports four phone lines. This phone is so functional, that it is de facto a mandatory attribute of managers and supervisors.

It has a socket to plug in an optional headset, so this phone can be used in contact centers and organizations with a large number of phone calls per employee. Four telephone lines allow to communicate with the client and, at the same time, hold the second and/or third line in the process of switching the call to your employees.


Linksys SPA2102 Router

Linksys SPA2102 router is efficient, technologically effective and easy to use. It is designed to connect analog phones and fax machines to Ethernet / Internet network.

Various companies that provide IP-telephony services frequently offer to users, in addition to traditional services, advanced features of telecommunications technology by means of connecting to the Internet via a broadband or a local area network (LAN).

Linksys SPA2102 router has two FXS ports to interact with analog phones, fax machines, PBX and other communication equipment, and 2 Ethernet ports for office or home PCs, a broadband modem or a router. Through Linksys SPA2102 each phone port can independently provide various services according to the software settings entered by an IP-telephony provider or by an end user.


Linksys SPA3102

Linksys SPA3102 is an analog telephone adapter with the function of supporting SIPv2 protocol. The adapter has two slots: FXS and FXO. Any analog phone (such as a Dect-phone) can be plugged into the FXS slot.

Office or city PBX is plugged into the FXO port. For this reason incoming and outgoing calls may be processed via both, a public phone network and an IP-telephony operator. The adapter has a function of failover from VoIP to PSTN channel in case there is no Internet connection, no electricity or if the signal quality is poor.


Linksys PAP2T

Linksys PAP2T is an efficient and technically effective analogue VoIP gateway designed to connect standard telephones and fax machines with an IP-network. PAP2T gateway is to be used at home or in a small office.

It has two phone ports that work as totally independent phone lines. In addition, the device supports SIP (sip telephony); its adjustment can be done via a Web-interface; used are compression protocols G.711, G.726, G.729 and G.723.1, and a standard set of telephone services — automatic caller ID, voice mail, etc. Various telecommunication devices, including wireless phones and fax machines, can be plugged into the phone ports of the gateway.


VoIP-GSM Gateway GOIP-4

VoIP-GSM Gateway GOIP-4 is used for making VoIP-GSM calls. It can support SIP and H.323 protocols and is compatible with all the major hardware-software IP PBX complexes: Asterisk, Mera, 3CX and so on. Correct identification of DTMF. The device can also send/receive SMS.

GOIP-4 may be used for the following purposes:

  • creation of a modern telephone network of a corporate segment (internet / digital telephony);
  • saving on phone calls, broadcasting GSM calls from your VoIP provider and back;
  • backing of communication channels;
  • telephone communication with remote office locations;
  • sending and receiving SMS.


Server HP 658553-421

Convenience at all stages — from installation to maintenance:


  • multi-server for the price of a PC;
  • convenient maintenance of disks and peripherals;
  • peace and silence when working (the noise level is 22 dBA);
  • efficiency and effectiveness — an optimal solution for growing companies.

Trustworthy reliability and service of HP:

  • НР has won a reputation of high quality products manufacturer;
  • НР offers customers the most reliable integrated solutions;
  • HP warranty and service — at your service are HP professionals trained by the company.

Fault tolerance and scalability:

  • error detection and correction (ECC) function helps to reduce the likelihood of damaging the memory;
  • use of RAID 0 and 1 technologies prevents data loss and ensures the highest equipment resiliency, which is important for such equipment as a telephony server;
  • opportunity to connect up to 4 SATA and RAM hard drives with large storage capacity of up to 8 GB.


Server HP ProLiant ML110 G7 E5504

This device will help you to effectively and efficiently solve a variety of tasks of faced by small companies with a limited budget and no proper level of IT resources or IT specialists. Quality of HP ProLiant brad, Xeon Quad-Core E3-1220 microprocessor, auxiliary backup power supply and two NICs allow considering this server as an ideal solution for potential business expansion.

PCI-Express slots, DIMM memory module slots, hard drive slots and various accessories provide the required scalability.

You will also be able to save on maintenance of this equipment by reducing the likelihood of a situation that requires to call for a specialist. These savings can be achieved due to the presence of a special built-in remote access unit- ILO3; with its help the setup of your phone and servers can be conducted without our experts’ coming to your office.

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