Developing business in any country, including Ukraine, additionaly increases demand for flexibility, scalability, security and reliability of the company’s infrastructure. One of the most important elements of any organization’s infrastructure is the means of communication; in general they are: public telephone networks, Internet / Intranet, mobile communication, TV, radio and satellite communication. When dealing with the issue of economic efficiency of transferring data, each company faces a task of choosing equipment and / or software that would allow to meet the maximum demand of business processes for minimum cost of its implementation and maintenance throughout the life cycle.

These days many domestic and international business organizations more frequently give their preference to the technology of transferring data, voice and video over IP. Their choice is based on the economic attractiveness and technological flexibility of IT-solutions. In fact, the total cost of purchasing, installing and maintaining the equipment for micro / mini PBX can seriously «undermine» the budget of a company in its early stage of development. An acceptable alternative to such a choice, in terms of both money and technology, is the use of open source IT-solutions.

One of the brightest examples of the mentioned above IT-solutions (including digital telephony) is software with open source code “Asterisk”, designed and developed by Digium.

Depending on the set of supplementary equipment, Asterisk can provide a wide range of services on managing phone calls, the most common of which are:

  • voice mail;
  • teleconferencing;
  • predefined voice message system (Interactive Voice Response);
  • call processing center (queuing theory algorithms are used);
  • call recording.

The ability to create additional functionality exists due to the existence of Asterisk’s own language for dialing / numbering script, as well as a module in C, or through the use of flexible and generic AGI interface for integration with external data processing systems.

An important criterion to consider when choosing software to be used with automatic exchanges is reliability. Since Asterisk was created on the basis of Linux technologies, it has inherited reliability from the «ancestors», together with flexibility, mobility and transferability. That is, even under unforeseen circumstances it is possible to run the PBX Server on a PC. However, it is worth noting that for the full-fledged work of the office you will need specialized server hardware.

One of the most important, in terms of economic efficiency, features of Asterisk is its scalability, and since its license is open, it will be invisible for your company’s budget. In terms of technological feasibility, Asterisk server can process hundreds of calls at a time, and only a corresponding number of new numbers should be added in order to increase the number of users.

Thus, summing up all of the above, a reasoned conclusion is that if you are looking for a free (of charge), reliable, scalable, high-tech and manageable system, then Asterisk is your right and effective choice.




IP-Phone is an application designed to manage incoming and outgoing calls and to automate employees’ work in small and medium-sized companies.

Program’s capabilities allow:

For operators:

  • to manage calls using a PC;
  • to increase a number of incoming calls handled;
  • to intercept calls of customers assigned to certain employees;
  • to forward a call to a colleague in one click if needed, or if you cannot answer the call;
  • to process missed calls, not to lose customers that haven’t reached you;

Automate routine processes:

  • inform the operator about the call and about who’s calling;
  • ensure minimum delay in servicing calls;
  • increase employees’ productivity and the quality of processing calls;
  • a call center operator can instantly determine a phone number of the incoming call;
  • listing all the calls in the call log.

Improve internal communication:

  • a call center employee will be able to make a call to a colleague with just one mouse click;
  • get an expert advice without interrupting a conversation with the customer;
  • and much more.

IP-Phone is easy to integrate with any application that has an integration interface. Our company has experience in successful integration with the following systems: «1С: Enterprise», various CRM systems and other business applications.

Confirmed to work with such software as Asterisk, Switchvox, and others that support SIP protocol.

IP-Phone supports the following set of audio codecs:

  • G.711 Codec;
  • AMR Codec Helper;
  • Codec registration helper;
  • G.722 Codec
  • G.722.1 Codec (Siren7/Siren14);
  • GSM 06.10 Codec;
  • iLBC Codec;
  • IPP Codecs;
  • L16 Codec Family;
  • OpenCORE AMR-NB Codec
  • Passthrough Codecs;
  • Speex Codec Family;

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