Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX by CallService will allow you to use the full functionality of a mini (office) PBX and, at the same time, save time and money. Equipment needed for receiving this service can be leased and installed with the help of CallService technical base, which is maintained by our company’s professionals.

This offer will allow you to achieve a significant cost reduction. In addition, in the context of this service your phone number will be assigned to your organization; this means you can keep your number whether you use our services or not.

Basic: Extra:
Complete call statistics Voice mail
Forwarding incoming calls to another operator or to a an external communication service provider Automated sending / receiving of faxes or fax forwarding to an e-mail
Client authentication (details and call history). In real time an operator gets detailed information about the client and the ability to modify it Queue of calls with automatic time-out calculation.In case a queue forms, the waiting caller is informed about how soon one will be able to talk to the operator
IVR – Interactive Voice Response. Is a System of interactive voice menu SMS functionality
Audio recording of incoming / outgoing calls.All the incoming / outgoing phone conversations are recorded Automated outgoing telephone survey
Conferencing system.Up to fifteen people can simultaneously participate in a conversation CallBack. «We value you and save you money. We will call you back»
Real time phone-tapping. Head of the organization or an authorized person has the opportunity to listen to all the calls Text-2-speech. Audio information generated from the text database can be reproduced for the client in real time
Call pickup. Head of the organization or an authorized person has an opportunity to intercept an active phone conversation Integration with your clients database
Intelligent call routing system. For especially important (VIP) clients there is an opportunity to connect directly with the general manager out of turn Assistance in obtaining short numbers of mobile operators. Short and easy to remember number will be an effective attribute of your business
Support for local and remote telephone terminals. Ability to connect to a call center of both local and remote telephone devices, which allows you to unify offices located in different cities and countries Organization of direct local numbers in major cities of Ukraine and other countries (with a population of over 1 million people). For example, having an office in Kiev you have an opportunity to give your clients a phone number in Moscow or Berlin, so that the scale of your business makes a favorable impression on the client
  Toll-freeToll-free Organization of free calls for customers in Ukraine to toll-free numbers (8-800,….)
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