For a Contact/Call-center

1. Design / implementation / upgrade of call-centers, technical and informational support of their structure using the designs of Avaya, Cisco Systems, Digium, CallService; including:

  • Basic call-center module by CallService;
  • Detailed billing and statistics/billing module;
  • Customer’s card module;
  • IVR;
  • CallBack;
  • SMS;
  • Auto attendant;
  • Call from the company’s website;
  • Voice Mail;
  • Call recording;
  • Dialer on the list of numbers;
  • Interactive operator’s guide;
  • Interactive chat.

2. Supply, installation and maintenance of equipment:

  • manufactured by Audiocodes, RAD, Cisco, 2N, HyperMedia, Hibertone;
  • sale and setup of VoIP GSM, GSM PRI, GSM gateways with multi-SIM platform.

3. Connecting numbers:

8-800, 8-900;

of foreign cities and regional centers of Ukraine.

4. Signaling system:

  • via voice, email, SMS;
  • set up of  answering machines.

5. Consulting and selection of the best rates and communication service providers.

6. Complete service and maintenance of telecommunication and communication structures.

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