For a Marketing Department Head

1. Creation and maintenance of a modern IT system with business processes automation.

2. Design / implementation / upgrade of a contact/call-center.

3. Providing contact/call-center services:

а) incoming phone lines:

  • «virtual office»;
  • voice menu;
  • consulting;
  • registering incoming phone inquiries;

b) outgoing phone lines:

  • searching for potential customers and selling goods (services);
  • conducting market and social research;
  • invitations to events (exhibitions, seminars, conferences, etc.).

4. Creation, technical and informational support of a corporate website.

5. Organization of marketing activities:

  • Sending SMS and phone voice alerts for existing database entries.

6. Interactive telephone services:

  • 0-800, 0-900 and other phone numbers in Ukraine and abroad.

7. Logistical and communications support.

8. Connection to telephone numbers to foreign cities.

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