For a Communication Service Provider

1. Design/implementation and maintenance:

  • NGN networks on the basis of Soft Switch Vocaltec, MailVision, Mera, Smile, Asterisk and VoIP gateways Audiocodes, Cisco, etc.

2. Technical, informational, organizational support of providing (receiving) services:

  • TriplePlay, Centrex (PBX rental services);
  • Automatic signaling systems, fax servers, etc.

3. Supply, installation and maintenance of equipment manufactured by

  • Audiocodes;
  • RAD;
  • Cisco;
  • H3C.

4. Organizing/outsourcing contact/call-centers.

5. Technical and informational support, maintenance of different answering machine types.

6. Organizing subscriber outlets (over VoIP).

7. Maintenance of telecommunications equipment and software.

8. Connecting and supporting new subscribers.

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