Furthermore, unique flexibility of the system can solve nearly any problem:

  • You have multiple office locations, but want to advertise just one multichannel phone number? We will unify all the offices and the customer will not even suspect that a simple call transfer means connecting with the office located hundreds of miles away.
  • You have to be constantly in touch? The system will automatically forward the call to your mobile phone if you’re out of the office.
  • Sometimes you move and don’t want to lose your phone number? Your number will always be with you wherever you move.
  • You need a virtual reception desk to connect a client with the right person? Interactive voice response (IVR) services with greet the customer and allow to choose the right department or employee without transferring the call to the secretary.
  • Sometimes your line is busy, so you lose clients? The system will greet and ask the client to wait on the line until an operator is available; if the client hangs up, the system will call back automatically when the right employee is available.
  • You spend much money on international calls and calls to mobile operators? Substantially reduce your expenses with the help of the system’s features.
  • Other questions? Always ready to answer – just call us!

Our company also offers position- and company-specific solutions.

Solutions by category

Position-specific — for:
Company-specific — for:

Implementation of our technological solutions will eventually lead not only to the reduction of communication cost, but also to optimization of workforce allocation, as well as customer service improvement. And nowadays, more than ever before, it is essential to be constantly in touch with the client — it is the most important and necessary aspect of running a long-term and profitable business. Fierce competition rules have lead to the situation when only those companies, that have realized the need for continuous communication with the client, survive in contemporary business environment.

Integrated communication solutions of CallService will open limitless resources of modern telephony for your business!

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