For an Office-Retail Center

1. Creation and concurrence of project documentation:

  • for laying communication lines;
  • for installation of the main elements of telecommunications infrastructure.

2. Creation of a modern communications infrastructure:

  • digital telephony;
  • Internet access.

3. Connecting numbers:

  • 8-800, 8-900;
  • of foreign cities and regional centers of Ukraine.

4. Connecting to communication and telephony services on favorable terms and providing a backup communication channel.

5. Supply and maintenance of the equipment manufactured by:

  • Audiocodes;
  • RAD;
  • Cisco;
  • H3C, as well as VoIP GSM, GSM PRI, GSM gateways.

6. Creation and technical support of contact/call-centers for the timely and high-quality customer service.

7. Creating:

  • Wi-Fi access points (hop-spots);
  • wireless network of administrative use;
  • channels for transferring telemetry data and control signals.

8. Installing GSM repeaters

  • to improve coverage areas with poor (unstable) signals.

9. Full service and maintenance of telecommunications infrastructure.

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