For a Director General

1. Automation of business processes:

  • formation of the optimal company’s structure;
  • competent task distribution among the employees;
  • organizing effective information exchange between departments;
  • cost and time reduction;
  • increasing company’s profitability and more.

2. Comprehensive protection of commercial information:

  • creation of secure communication channels and systems of protection against third-party interventions (keeping confidentiality of negotiations, databases).

3. CRM system:

  • improved quality of service;
  • reduced time of data search and order processing;
  • 2-3 times improved reliability of communication channels and equipment with the help of redundancy technologies;
  • reduced rates of enquiry losses with the help of implementing contact/call-center and CRM systems.

4. Control over the work of distant offices:

  • operative interaction with remote employees;
  • convenient and timely reports on their work.

5. Introduction of modern accounting systems:

  • opportunity to plan and organize work with the customers (CRM, ERP, etc.) on the basis of «1C: Enterprise» and other open source software.

6. Cost reduction:

  • reducing the company’s expenses for telephony by 20-80%.

7. Increased sales rates:

  • Comprehensive automation of marketing/sales/planning departments and company’s financial services allows to quickly bring the sales growth rate to minimum 20%, and even to 100% with comprehensive automation.

8. Telephone and Internet connection:

  • creation of an internal company’s communication network;
  • design and implementation of communication solutions for remote departments.

9. Full service:

  • maintenance of the company’s communication infrastructure and telecommunications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

10. Guarantees

  • with an opportunity for an SLA contract (agreement on maintenance responsibility).
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